Watchtower subliminal images ?

Up : We can see a face in his hand. From : Revelation, it's grand climax at hand! (1988) p.159. Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society.
Below : we can see a demon hand. And does Jesus have a lobster claw? From : Revelation, it's grand climax at hand! (1988) p.52. Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.
Up : We can see a demon head by using a mirror. From : Knowledge that leads to everlasting life (1995) p.35. Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society.
Apparently, a former philosopher (Antisthenes, Greek philosopher Athens v. 444 - Mr. in 365 B.C., founder of the cynical school.) had resurrected to hear Paul speak in the shade of the areopagus . Who said that the illustrators of the Watchtower couldn't incorporate foreign images in their achievements? This one is drawn from an ancient bust. “Insight on the Scriptures” the image appears on the back cover of volume II.
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There doesn’t seem to be anything special in the hair… However, the reversed image reveals once again the presence of a gargoyle. Many images thus handled revealed unexpected things. At the time of the in house studies, the Jehovah’s Witnesses often go face to face with one another. The reversed image becomes perceptible then subliminal… “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth…” 1989, p.17.

The leaflet number 35 distributed universally: In the blue shirt, the collar forms the horns of a clearly visible demonic face. Below this, between the left arm that is shaking a hand and the face of an African character on the right-hand side. On the African character’s cap a pentagram add to the curiosity of this strange esoteric-like meeting… Below, a strange demonic character observes the scene between the two men on this same sheet.
The triangle pendant on the necklace carried by the thief clearly contains a round
seal Satanic symbol from the textbook of witchcraft "The Grimoire of Honorius".
The triangle contains a black disc with a white crescent moon inset. When the
crescent moon is facing the left (as depicted in the thief's hand), it is facing the
direction of Lucifer.(You can live forever on paradise earth. 1989 p. 19)
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Some people say that there are subliminal images in the Jehovah's Witnesses publications. Here are some of them found on many web sites. You be the judge.
On the shoulder, the overlain image of a goat: demonic emblem if it is. This image is very large compared to the reason in overprinting and it is necessary to be “very” attentive to see the goat. The enlarging allows it. (Watchtower 06/1/1996)
An image of ram is used as decoration on a table! A subtle image at first glance… As if people placed representations of ram in their homes as decoration…

Book “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth…1989 p-.244”
An implicit image including two goats, one led the herd, the other behind the shepherd closing the line throws a glance on a ewe seeming stray. You undoubtedly know what the goat symbolizes. This image points pretty much in the direction of a certain organization… Since when in a “Christian” organization, do goats lead the herd??? In the imagery of the Watchtower Company it seems that the goats have hidden aptitudes…“Watchtower July 1st, 1989, p: 19.”
Below from the book "You can live forever in paradise on earth" p. 139-140, 1989.
In the book “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth … p.128”. The occult symbol known under the name of pentagram. It is on the backrest of a chair and when looked at through another angle, it represents the famous Masonic symbol!

Two horned bovids resembling small antelopes (or vice-versa), hiding in the roots of the immense tree…
We have to pay attention to see them, however, our subconscious will notice it. How does it interpret, decode without the reader's knowledge the presence of this possible demonic symbol?

“You can live forever…” p.139.
P.140: Don’t forget that we are still in the forest, once the tree is chopped down, two small ewes appear at beside the horned bovid! So if an antelope can seem normal in the jungle, in your opinion, does the presence of the ewe??? The horned bovid seems worried but follows the ewes closely. Which is the symbolic system of this almost unperceivable representation again? Since horns represent evil why it is also often represented in strong position in Watchtower publications???
In this typical image of the “Watchtower” of May 1st, 1983 on page 17, there’s nothing very visible at first sight. However when one concentrates on the old woman who is discussing with the proclaimer in the background, it is easy to distinguish the overlain image of her face at the bottom of her dress! By holding the journal at arm's length, it is even more visible although the whole image makes only 8 cm out of 10. The face in question is none other; it seems, than the face of a pagan god such as those one can visit in museums. The problem is that Jupiter (probably himself) is visible in an overlaying image in a dress in the “Watchtower” issue; a sectarian movement which claims to reject any form of paganism… “Watchtower” of May 1st, 1983, page 17.
On the two elusive horses’ harnesses… a figure on the right-hand side which is not found on the left hand side.
A small gargoyle on one of the horses right side harness enlarged still almost subtle, the other horse does not have any representation of this type! “Watchtower 1/15/1989”.
The first image you see here is a blatant summary of just how cruel and deceptive the Watchtower Society really is. The marquee above the theatre depicts an anagram(a form of puzzle in which the letters are to be rearranged to spell something else). The anagram reads: "Jest Tups Thru Daily". When the letters are rearranged the marquee message reads "Jests Put Thru Daily". A reference to the daily text?
Through the use of subliminal messaging, the Watchtower Society is mocking their
loyal followers for continuing to fall for the greatest hoax in religious history. (The Watchtower 11/1/89. pg.10)
The sleeve on the garment
in this image appears to
have a monster-like profile
with the word "JAh" in it's
mouth. Have you ever seen
wrinkles in clothes spell
out names before? The Watchtower.2/15/
Picture labeled `detailed pick reverse.'
This picture is from the Knowledge book pg. 35. There appears to be some `winged demon' at the top of the page. Below that the leaves make a face themselves. You can clearly see 2 eyes, below that is a nose, and a mouth and the `bush' with all it's various images creates the goatee.
Picture labeled Tri picture.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. I did something different with this one. I decided to do a Tri picture. You can even more plainly pick out these images. Starting from the far right side of the page you'll see the images again in the trees, there's a 4-eyed winged image above the crippled man, the crippled man's clothes make the face of the bull, in the center there is the image at the top of the page, the human like face with goatee, the rams head between the boys in the rock, the image between their feet, the image on the rocks in from of their feet, the woman staring at what appears to be an eagle and possibly other images in the tree to the far back of the picture and others I'm sure.
Picture labeled `evil faces'.
This picture is from the Knowledge book pg. 35. There are so many images in here I don't even know where to begin. First off the red and white cloak Jesus is wearing, at the sleeves, forms what looks like a satanic or evil image. If you pull back from the picture the children and people on the far left and right form evil faces. Where Jesus' heads meet there is a demon below his black hair that appears to be staring out from the `leaves' There is a second and larger face below that and both have tendrils coming from their heads. If you notice the people standing around you'll see one that has his back turned to the whole group and he's obviously looking at whatever is in the picture.
The Small image brings out the deathly faces! (Stand back and look at this photo)
Picture labeled praising hands.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. As you can clearly see between the 2 heads of Jesus there is an evil image. Between the wrists of the praising hands you can see the ever present face of the Molech and at the very top of the page you can see eyes from some upside down image. It's a little blurry due to magnification of the picture but I have a better one I will include.
Picture labeled sneering face.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. It looks like the cloak is making an facial image and that it has it's tongue stuck out. In the darkness below that is definitely an evil faced image and if you turn it upside down it almost looks like a black cloaked figure and a ghoul face.
Picture labeled ram has a crown.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. There are so, so many in here! Start at the very top of the picture. There is a face within a face within a face. There appears to be 3 distinct faces at the top of the page. It also looks like some sort of Genii or possibly a bull headed figure holding the head of Christ in its lap (wearing a crown). The whole seated figure, which could be a human with a Bulls' head, is made to stand out by deliberately using shadow and highlight/lighting. You can see also that the crippled man, standing below this Bull headed figure is designed to represent the Ram using the mans arms and shoulders to form the horns and the front of the face and the lower body section. There is a ram or goat figure and he's also wearing a crown too. This picture is phenomenal. I was completely shocked to see just how many images are in this little picture.
Picture labeled other subliminals.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. Even when you turn the picture right side up starting at the very top of the page in the middle there begins the images. There is some sort of dark image near the top, under that is another image of what appears to be a ram with horns or it could be a bull with horns, there is obviously a face between the 2 heads of Jesus where the hands are reaching up to it, the image with eyes below his cloak sleeves, the lion's head, the other evil image and the totem pole. Please notice too the old lady in the very back of the picture who's looking away into the tree which both form the horns of the two horned beast.
Picture labeled `head of Christ enhanced.'
This picture is from the Knowledge book pg. 35. It's a close up image of what appears to be a lion's head or Christ's head.
Picture labeled `another detailed pic with reverse'.
I found several images and there could be more. There's what appears to be a bull or a
pig head at the top of this `bush'. I'm not positive which it is because it looks like a snout but there also appears to be horns coming from the top of it's head. Below that is an image of what appears to be a man with some sort of upside down animal on his head. Built into that image is a large bull with horns. There appears to be something near the bottom of the bush, it has eyes. The `rocks' on either side of the `bush' appear to be rams heads/bodies facing in to each other. This picture was from the Knowledge book pg. 35.
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 127 really evil.
Now this one is one of the ones I dislike the most. They've used the whole scene to create these images. Starting at the top of the picture in the white clouds with blue sky underneath you'll see a demon head with horns. It could possibly be a bull but to me it's more of a demon head. Below that the whole mountainside is a rams head with very long horns that go from side to side of the picture. Below that the crowd near the short in the exact middle of the picture create another image of Molech, the tree shadows behind the crowd make his horns. Also, speaking of trees, if you turn this picture upside down the people in the back make the eyes of the rams head with the trees shadows creating the horns. Look closely in the water at the shores edge. There is an image with horns in there too. You can see it's eyes very clearly and the water breaking from the shore is it's horns. Notice too that Jesus' finger appears to be pointing either to the image in the mountain or the image in the sky. I do not think it's pointing to the crowd. It's too far up. There is also a secondary image in Molech's bull face created by the people. It's down low near the ground but it's unmistakably in there.
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 186 upside down.
This picture probably has more than one image but the one that stood out immediately to me is at the top. It's Molech again. He's in the dirt between the green bushes. His horns, eyes and nose are very plain. Zooming into the picture really shows it very clearly.
The same image reversed makes two similar faces!
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 219 upside down outside.
The image is right in the middle. You can clearly see the face of Satan with what appears to be a crown on his head. In the middle of his face is a black image that has eyes and possibly horns above the eyes. Also, if you disregard the image of Satan's face you'll see the sleeves of the woman's blouse make the horns of Molech the bull who's pouty face is looking right at you with his own set of eyes. At the very top of the picture you can see another figure with eyes peering at you from between her elbows from the darkness. There are a total of 5 sets of eyes and pictures between the woman alone. Also, I'm not positive but I think there is another image near the man under the umbrella. If you turn this picture upside down you'll see a huge dark image that appears to have eyes made from the fringes on the umbrella. If you zoom in and out of the picture it's easier to see the elaborate detail of the images, how they've been embedded in the artwork and there are just so many of them embedded within each other.
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 63 complete picture front.
This image was not turned upside down. As you can see there is an evil dark image on the ground. There appears to be some ghostly figure in the clouds. If you turn it upside down you can see that there is a rams head with horns also in the clouds. It's easiest to spot by looking for the eyes in the darkness of the clouds. Back behind the dark image on the ground there is also another image of satan or a demon or something with horns that seem to point downward. There is another image below the dark `masked' imaged and to the bottom of the page that appears to be similar to the one above the dark `masked' image. There are pictures within pictures and faces within faces in some of these images and it's really hard to find them all. After a while you get tired of doing it anyway and feel `dirty' from their contamination of your mind!
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 290 city of Satan.
This is one of the most amazing pictures yet. This picture is actually upside down yet the buildings appear to be rightside up! Notice the people's faces, do some of them look skeletal to you? Start at the top of the page directly in the middle and go down to the bottom of the page. There are multiple images. I've got another comment about this picture below. The bull is again in this photo though, he's right in the middle of the people as the picture joins down the center. There is also an image between the 2 `suns' above the city.
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 290 city of Satan right side up.
This picture is right side up. You can see the spears make horns above the image of Molech again. The hands holding the spears make the eyes. Looks like an image in the trees near the top of the page. I'm sure there are other images but I stopped looking for them after a while.
Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 290 city of Satan upside down.
The tree makes an evil image. At the top of the picture there are a couple of images that look like bulls and rams to me. Also, there is an image in the dark clouds below the image in the tree. It's eyes are fiery red.

I can't stress enough that it takes great artistic skill to accomplish this type of subliminal imagery in these pictures. You have to ask yourself, honestly, what are the chances of these images occurring accidentally. To accomplish this sort of detail there must be the exact lighting, shading, highlighting and the use of symmetry and geometry. This is not an accident and they should not be ignored. This is a deliberate act. Everything in the pictures have been used to create these images; leaves, trees, clothes, hair, faces, hands, wrists, feet, arms, rocks, bushes, plants, people's bodies, their stance…….absolutely every means available has been used.

This image was found at page 20, of the Watch Tower of 1984 (Italian version).
This one was found at page 41, of the book "Impariamo dal grande insegnante" (Learn from a great teacher) Italian version of 2003. Is well visible a rotate cross as satanist like to use.
This image was found at page 8 of the Watch Tower of 1996 (Italian version).
This image, was found in the Awake magazine, of 22 January 1996 (Italian version).
The same image, was found again on the cover of the Watch Tower, of 15 July 2002 (Italian version).
This image, was found at page 7 of Watch Tower of 1 September 1996 (Italian version). A GOAT is well visible on the shoulder of the old woman.
The next image, was found at page 45 of the book of Jehovah Witness IMPARIAMO DAL GRANDE INSEGNANTE(Learn from a great teacher), Italian version of 2003.
Over the head of the woman, is well visible a demon that climbing the tree.
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