How do Jehovah's Witnesses deal with pedophilia cases?

Child sexual abuse covered up by the Watchtower

Plentiful television reports, documentaries and lawsuits worldwide state pedophilia amongst the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The organization deliberately hides cases of sexual abuse towards children in the goal to protect their public image. It doesn't report pedophilia cases to the police and pedophiles are not punished internally because of the "two witness" rule. If there is only the child victim testifying against the accused, it is not enough. The accused will be acquitted. According to William «Bill» H. Bowen from, in 2002 the Watchtower had a database listing 23,720 pedophiles. Today it could go up to 40, 000.
NBC news report, November 21, 2007, Jehovah's Witnesses child sexual abuse. The Watchtower pays money to the victims.
Video : Pedophilia among Jehovah's Witnesses : «Les grands reportages - Radio-Canada» (french). Low quality video.
Jehovah's Witnesses Silentlambs Press Conference about sexual abuse among Witnesses.
Jehovah's Witnesses Silentlambs Press about sexual abuse among Witnesses.
Jehovah's Witnesses and sexual abuse. CNN report with Connie Chung and Bill Bowen from Silentlambs.
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Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion, by Barbara Anderson. CD.
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Pedophilia amongst Jehovah's Witnesses "Temps présents" TV show of Nov 12, 2010 (French) :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Pedophilia and children amongst Jehovah's Witnesses, "Envoyé Spécial" TV show of September 25, 2010, on France2 (French) :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Pedophilia amongst Jehovah's Witnesses, another TV show of "Temps présents" (in french with dutch subtitles).
The Candace Conti case against the Watchtower, USA :
-USA : Jehovah's Witnesses ordered to pay more than $20 million to woman (Candace Conti) who said she was sexually abused as a child. Oakland, California. June 15, 2012.
-USA : Alameda(CA) Court freezes $1 billion in Watchtower assets over sexual abuse case. June 22, 2012.
-Details :
-USA : the Watchtower recently settled out-of-court with 5 victims of JW serial molester. July 19, 2012.
On July 14, 2012 in Walnut Creek, California, Candace Conti shared her story with a group of supporters. Just a month before, she had taken the Watchtower Society to court over their policies for handling child molesters within the organization. In this first segment, Miss Conti tells what happened to her as a child and how she came to meet her attorney, Rick Simons. Watch the following parts on the same Youtube account.
-USA : Candace Conti finally won against the Watchtower! August 27, 2012.
Jehovah's Witnesses - Paedophile exposure. Australia. 2002.
BBC Panorama- Jehovah's Witnesses documentary 'Suffer the Little Children'
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Jehovah's Witnesses abused child in Germany.
Jehovah´s witnesses settle 9 law suits.
Jehovah's Witness spiritual shepherds sex abuse.
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
-New instructions to the body of elders concerning the handling of child abuse and legal procedures. The Watchtower asks them to destroy the old instructions letters! (Oct.1st). Posted October 16, 2012.
-USA : Candace Conti : the Watchtower Society is going to ask the Judge during their next court outing (8th November 2012) to reduce the bond or free them of it all together, because it can't pay! October 18, 2012.
-USA : Candace Conti : the Watchtower Society motion to substitute or reduce bond on appeal is DENIED. November 16, 2012.
-USA : summary of Watchtower appeal brief in Conti case. April 4, 2013.
-USA : Conti v. Watchtower – Respondent’s Brief prepared by Rick Simons. June 3, 2013.
-USA : Conti v. Watchtower – Final Reply Brief of Appellant Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. August 29, 2013.
-USA : Conti v. Watchtower – Final Reply Brief of Appellant North Fremont Congregation. August 29, 2013.
-USA : Irwin Zalkin representing ELEVEN child abuse victims against Watchtower. September 24, 2013.
-USA : Jehovah's Witnesses Ordered to Pay $13.5M to Bible Teacher's Alleged Victim. October 30, 2014.
-USA : The Zalkin Law Firm Wins $13.5 Million Default Judgment Against the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower. Nov. 2, 2014.
Press conference of Zalkin law firm following the judgment against the Watchtower about the Jose Lopez case. Nov. 1, 2014.
-USA : Candace Conti VS the Watchtower next court date : Dec. 10, 2014. Nov. 20, 2014.
-USA : Conti Appeal Oral Arguments slated for 9 A.M., Jan. 14, 2014. Jan. 8, 2015.
Video : Did leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses cover up child sex abuse? PBS Newshour Feb. 16, 2015.
Vidéo : Candace Conti: Former Jehovah's Witness Takes on Church over Sex Abuse Allegations (Anglais). ABC News Nightline March 13, 2015.
-USA : Conti appeal : Court upholds $2.8M compensation but strikes down punitive award for woman molested by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Apr. 13, 2015.
-USA : Conti vs Watchtower appeal. May 27, 2015.
The Candace Conti case told to Jehovah's Witnesses. (French).
Team 10 obtains video of admitted child molester in Jehovah's Witnesses. July 22, 2013.

Jehovah's Witness Pedophilia Coverup?



Posted On: August 16, 2007 by John McKiggan



Black Sun Journal has posted a fascinating article about allegations of cover up of sexual abuse with the Jehovah's Witness Watchtower Society.


It is not unusual (perhaps even commonplace) for religious organizations to deny or cover up allegations of sexual abuse;


In most cases where I have represented victims of clergy sexual abuse, the evidence has indicated that persons' in authority within the Church either had knowlege of the abuse, or actively covered it up.


What struck me was the lengths to which the Watchtower Society will go to deny or cover up allegations of sexual abuse within the Church. The article states:


Bowen's group has criticized the Jehovah's Witnesses' policy that if an accused abuser denies the charge, two credible witnesses are required to establish guilt — due to literal application of such Bible verses as Deuteronomy 19:15 ("only on the evidence of two witnesses, or of three witnesses, shall a charge be sustained").


If two witnesses are lacking, the accused is deemed innocent, charges remain confidential and — silentlambs says — parents who warn others are subject to disfellowshipping for slander.


Disfellowshipping is an extreme penalty that means a total cutoff of relationships by family members, friends and business associates who are Witnesses.


Sexual abuse is a crime of secrecy. Since most sexual abusers do not commit their criminal acts in the presence of witnesses the "two witnesses" requirement is one that would be next to impossible to meet.


To go even further by threatening victims who want to warn others of sexual abusers with being cut off from their family, friends and associates (the persons victims would turn to for help and support after being victimized) is perhaps an even greater betrayal than the sexual abuse itself.


In most jurisdictions in North America it is a crime for person's in authority to fail to report allegations of sexual abuse to the appropriate agency (Children's Services etc.) so that the allegations can be investigated in an independent and unbiased manner.


Perhaps it is time that Religious groups be subjected to the same threat of criminal prosecution as private citizens.


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Jehovah's Witness church elder Ronald Lawrence arrested over sex abuse claims dating back to 1980s. November 26, 2013.
Wales This Week - Witness to the Truth
They knock on our doors, preaching peace and good will. But now victims of a South Wales sex abuser claim his crimes were covered up by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Silent lambs - Australia.
Jehovah's Witness Video 2 CBS.
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Six claim they were molested as kids by Jehovah's Witness elders. October 27, 2014.
Jehovah's Witnesses Silentlambs - Dallas.
-UK : Jehovah's Witnesses to compensate woman over sex abuse. June 19, 2015.
The Jose Lopez and Osbaldo Padron cases, USA :
-USA : the Candace Conti case has settled. June 30, 2015.
Jehovah's Witnesses and Child Sexual Abuse. BBC Radio 4, The Report. July 23, 2015.
Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Australia : 2015-2017 :
-Australia : Paedophiles repeatedly promoted to positions of authority in Jehovah’s Witness church royal commission told. July 27, 2015.
Australia : a royal hearing for sexual abuse in Australia has named hundreds of Jehovah's Witnesses as alleged child sexual abusers. CNN. July 28, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah's Witnesses procedures for dealing with sex abuse 'deficient' and can re-traumatise victims, a church expert admits at child abuse commission hearing. July 31, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah's Witnesses let 'repentant' child sex abusers return to church. Aug. 3, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah’s Witness church says it will comply with mandatory reporting of child abuse. Aug. 4, 2015.
-Australia : NY Jehovah's boss won't appear at inquiry. Aug. 4, 2015.
-Australia : Women to 'never rule' in Jehovah's church. Aug. 4, 2015.
-Australia : Abuse victims 'face cruel choice': inquiry. Aug. 5, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah's Witness child sex predator joined other congregations, royal commission told. Aug. 5, 2015.
-Australia : ex-Jehovah's Witness criticises the group for not reporting child abuse. Aug. 6, 2015.
-Australia : Royal Commission : Jehovah's Witnesses : transcripts. Aug. 6, 2015.
-Australia : Royal Commission : videos on Youtube. July-August 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah's Witness Church must change after Royal Commission hearings. Aug. 9, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah's boss to appear at abuse inquiry. Aug. 10, 2015.
-Australia : Watchtower 2015 branch organization manual redacted. PDF. Aug. 12, 2015.
-Australia : Jehovah’s Witnesses face child sexual-abuse investigation in Australia. Aug. 14, 2015.
-Australia : Governing Body Geoffrey Jackson : abuse redress depends on God. Aug. 14, 2015.
-Australia : Child sex claims may be 'apostate lies'. Aug. 14, 2015.
USA : Woman sues Jehovah's Witnesses for alleged abuse. This lawsuit is the first of its kind in New Mexico, but the third filed in the U.S. by attorney Irwin Zalkin. Aug. 15, 2015.
Some news :
Lawsuit in the USA : December 1, 2014 :
-USA : $10.5 Million lawsuit against Jehovah's Witnesses organization. December 1, 2014.
Many Youtube videos on that channel about the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Australia, concerning Jehovah's Witnesses : July-August 2015.
-Australia : Sex abuse royal commission: Federal, state governments should compensate survivors when churches, schools fail to, report recommends. Sept. 14, 2015.
-USA : $13.5M award vacated in Jehovah’s Witness abuse case. Ruling gives church chance to turn over disputed documents. Apr. 14, 2016.
-USA : Judge sanctions Jehovah's Witnesses. June 24, 2016.
-UK : Jehovah's Witnesses face £1m legal bill after young girl was sexually abused by one of its members. July 8, 2016.
-UK : Supreme Court rejects application for appeal by Watchtower; the Charity Commission is now full steam ahead. July 18, 2016.
-UK : Charity Commission Update; They Need Your Stories About Domestic Abuse and Shunning. July 22, 2016.
-USA : new BOE letter regarding the protection of pedophiles within Jehovah’s Witness congregations worldwide. Aug. 1, 2016.
-UK : Jehovah's Witnesses under pressure over handling of sexual abuse claims. Aug. 12, 2016.
-USA : Jehovah’s Witnesses get relief from appellate court. Oct. 15, 2016.
-Australia: The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing to inquire the Jehovah's Witnesses in relation to child sexual abuse on 20 March 2017. Nov. 15, 2016.,-march-2017,-sydney
-Australia : Jehovah's Witnesses did not protect children from abuse, inquiry finds. Nov. 28, 2016.
Documentary on pedophilia amongst Jehovah's Witnesses of Dec. 1, 2016 on Radio-Canada in french, in english "The Kingdom's Dirty Secrets."
Canada : ex-JWs on the show «Tout le monde en parle» Dec. 4, 2016 8H00 PM on Radio-Canada(french), following the report from "Enquête" on pedophilia. Watch online.
-UK : Jehovah's Witnesses drop application for judicial review. Jan. 19, 2017.
-USA : Jehovah's Witness sexual-abuse-coverup lawsuit settled. Feb. 13, 2017.
-Australia : Jehovah's Witnesses to face abuse inquiry. Mar. 10, 2017.
-Australia : Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to change two-witness rule because ‘that’s our stand’. Mar. 14, 2017.
Evidencias: Testigos de Jehová Abusos y Encubrimiento. (Spanish). March 21, 2017.
-UK : Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation's efforts to block inquiry squashed. Apr. 4, 2017.
-Canada : "Attn: SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS IN CANADA!! We are mobilizing some potential law suits. Please either contact me (Tricia Franginha), or contact a lawyer by the name of John McKiggan. He encourages you to contact him ASAP if you are interested in pursuing either a personal claim against the Watchtower OR are interested in being part of a class action with one of his associates". Apr. 10, 2017.
-Canada : First across Canada class action suit against the Watchtower for victims of sexual abuse. They have agreements with different law firms in different provinces. In Quebec, the laws are different, but a firm will deal with cases in Quebec. They are currently searching for victims. May 1, 2017.
-USA : Watchtower lost Lopez summary judgement. May 26, 2017.
-UK : Jehovah's Witnesses attacked by Charity Commission over paedophilia cover-up. July 26, 2017.
-Australia : Clergy who fail to report child abuse heard in confession should be charged – royal commission. Aug. 14, 2017.
-USA : Judge orders Jehovah’s Witnesses to release molestation files. Aug. 30, 2017.
-Australia : Is this the first successful liability case for child sex abuse filed against the Watchtower? Sept. 6, 2017.
-USA : Lawsuit against Delaware Jehovah's Witnesses' Elders for not reporting child abuse continues. Sept. 7, 2017.
Canada : Pedophilia in Jehovah's Witnesses : second documentary of the show Enquête, The Elders' Silence, Radio-Canada (french, Quebec). Sequel of last year's documentary. Sept. 14, 2017.
-Canada : Quebec court asked to approve sexual abuse class-action lawsuit against Jehovah's Witnesses. Sept. 15, 2017.
-Canada : Pedophilia in Jehovah's Witnesses : second documentary of the show Enquête, The Elders' Silence, Radio-Canada (french, Quebec). Video at the bottom of this page. Sept. 14, 2017. : Lawyers for the lawsuit in the english Canada.
-Australia : Australia Amends Working with Children Act – Jehovah’s Witnesses Forced to Comply or Face Severe Penalties. Sept. 17, 2017.
-Canada(ON) : $66M class action sex abuse suit filed against Jehovah's Witnesses. Oct. 2, 2017.
-USA : Watchtower Loses Appeal of $4000 Per Day Fine. Nov. 9, 2017.
-Australia : Australia child abuse inquiry finds 'serious failings'. Dec. 15, 2017.
-USA : Jehovah's Witnesses to settle sex-abuse case. Jan. 12, 2018.
Netherlands: pedophilia among Jehovah's Witnesses, dutch with english subtitles. Jan 26, 2018 and also Feb. 8, 2018.
-USA : Watchtower done looking the other way? Final lawsuit over sex abuse by Jehovah's Witness elder settled. Mar. 2, 2018.
-UK : Child sexual abuse inquiry considers Jehovah's Witnesses UK investigation. Mar. 8, 2018.
Canada : Testimony of Mélanie Poirier, ex-JW, pedophilia victim among Jehovah's Witnesses, show 'Deux filles le matin.' (French). Mar. 19, 2018.
-UK : MPs demand action over Jehovah’s Witness abuse allegations. Mar. 26, 2018.
Canada : W5 : Documentary : No witnesses. Sex abuse accusations within the Jehovah's Witnesses. Mar. 24, 2018.
-USA : judge orders Jehovah's Witnesses to turn over internal documents related to childhood sexual abuse. Apr. 12, 2018.
-Netherlands: The Lower House requires an independent investigation into abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses. June 28, 2018.
-Netherlands: Whole Lower House wants Jehovah's witnesses abuse investigation. July 3, 2018
-Netherlands: Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to hand over evidence in sexual abuse case. Aug. 3, 2018.
-USA: Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of mishandling abuse in Montana. Sept. 19, 2018.
-USA: Jehovah's Witnesses ordered by jury to pay $35M to abuse survivor. Sept. 27, 2018.
-Canada: Jehovah's Witnesses defend their treatment of sexual assault cases. Nov. 28, 2018.
Germany : coverage : In the name of the Lord, sexual abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses. Nov. 27, 2018. (German, Deutsch.)
-Netherlands: Police raid Jehovah’s witness buildings in sexual abuse inquiries. Dec. 6, 2018.
-USA: Abuse Survivor's $4M Judgment Against Jehovah's Witness Umbrella Organization Upheld by Court. Dec. 10, 2018.
-Canada: Jehovah's Witnesses: Victims of Sexual Assault in the Quebec Group Demand Justice. Dec. 17, 2018.
-Canada: Quebec judge to rule next year on whether sexual abuse class-action against Jehovah's Witnesses can proceed. Dec. 18, 2018.
-Belgium: How Jehovah's Witnesses in Belgium cover up child sexual abuse in their community. Dec. 20, 2018.
-USA: California court upholds $4 million sex abuse judgment against Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower organization. Dec. 28, 2018.
-Norway: Jehovah's Witnesses are being brought to trial by the Parliament. Jan. 2, 2019.
-USA: The Watchtower has recently released their WT May, 2019 study edition which features several articles on child abuse, with some minor policies changes. But still doesn't clearly demand elders to automatically report child sexual abuse to authorities. Feb. 6, 2019.
-Canada: The lawsuit against the Watchtower for the child sexual abuse issue has been accepted in Quebec. It can now proceed further. It is a first victory. The lawyers have 30 days to appeal. More details to come. Feb. 27, 2019.
-Canada: Judge authorizes class action for Jehovah's Witnesses sex abuse victims. Mar. 4, 2019.
-Canada: Sexual crimes: class action allowed against Jehovah's Witnesses. Mar. 5, 2019.
-Belgium: The Chamber examines pedophilia among Jehovah's Witnesses. Mar. 12, 2019.
-USA: WATCHTOWER has posted a $40,000,000 bond following Montana's upholding of the Nunez v Watchtower verdict of 2018. Punitive damages have been upheld, and WT has purchased the bond from Travelers Insurance (35M+ interest)-Montana SC will rule later this year on the appeal. Mar. 25, 2019.
-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses of Emmen: Files of child abuse were destroyed because of privacy law. Apr. 5, 2019.
Belgium : documentary : « Het geheim van Jehova »: « Jehovah's secret. » April 3, 2019.
-Belgium: Police descend on Jehovah's Witness HQ after abuse allegations. Apr. 30, 2019.
-UK: Child sex abuse inquiry widens scope to other religions outside Christianity for first time. May 2, 2019.
-USA: WT Appeals the Nunez v Watchtower verdict to Montana Supreme Court. May 22, 2019.
-UK: Children abused by religious figures less likely to report crimes because of belief in perpetrators' 'automatic morality', government report finds. May 30, 2019.
-Canada: Jehovah's Witnesses can appeal the class action lawsuit for sexual crimes. June 3, 2019.
-Belgium: One hundred cases of sexual abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses. Aug. 9, 2019.
-USA: Window for Child Victims Act sex-abuse lawsuits opens Wednesday. Aug. 9, 2019.
-USA: Former Jehovah’s Witnesses recount years of sex abuse ahead of landmark case. Aug.12, 2019.
-USA: On NBC a tv series called “Silent No More” about sexual abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses aired august 12, 13, 14. Aug. 12, 2019.
-USA: Lawsuits Claim Jehovah's Witness Member Abused Children. Aug. 12, 2019.
-USA: Man Alleges He Was Sexually Abused As A Child By Jehovah’s Witness Church Elder. Aug. 21, 2019.
-Australia: Newly registered Jehovah’s Witnesses legal entity issues elders letter to destroy records. Aug. 29, 2019.
Belgium : documentary : Indice (RTL-Tvi) Témoins de Jéhovah et pédophilie (Jehovah's Witnesses and pedophilia). September 11, 2019.
-USA: Jehovah's Witnesses ask court to reverse $35M abuse verdict. Sept. 13, 2019.
-USA: The Supreme Court of the U.S. DENIED Watchtower's Petition to reconsider a $4 million judgment against it in a California child abuse case. Oct. 7, 2019.
-NZ: Royal Commission: Jehovah's Witness elders told to destroy documents. Oct. 18, 2019.
-USA: Court reverses $35M verdict against Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jan. 8, 2020.
-Netherlands: Jehovah's abuse report can be published. Jan. 23, 2020.
-UK: Jehovah's Witnesses told to pay rape victim £62k. Jan. 30, 2020.
-UK: Jehovah's Witnesses sued over 'historical sex abuse'. Feb. 4, 2020.
-USA: Jehovah's Witnesses reportedly under investigation by Pennsylvania attorney general. Feb. 8, 2020.
-USA: The Secret Database of Jehovah’s Witness Child Abusers. Feb. 9, 2020.
-USA: Grand jury investigators are ‘dead serious’ about revealing sexual-abuse cover-ups among Jehovah’s Witnesses. Feb. 14, 2020.
-UK: End safeguarding self-regulation, IICSA urged. Mar. 17, 2020.
-Canada (Quebec): Sexual abuse: the civil statute of limitations period in the process of being abolished. June 4, 2020.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of selling off assets and moving cash to avoid sex abuse compensation. June 14, 2020.
-USA: Guest view: No pass for pedophiles. June 15, 2020.
-Australia: The Jehovah’s Witnesses issued a statement advising that they will not be joining the redress scheme. June 21, 2020.
-Australia: Government names institutions that did not sign up to National Redress Scheme for child sexual abuse victims. July 1, 2020.
-Australia: BBC Interview discussing JWs and the selling of their property. July 12, 2020.
-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses lose appeal over abuse report. August 4, 2020.
-UK: Former Jehovah's Witness elders call for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse. August 10, 2020.
-Netherlands: Netherlands wants to punish silence on sex abuse in closed communities. August 28, 2020.
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-UK: IICSA : Watchtower accused Lloyd Evans of hate speech!. September 23, 2020.
-Australia : National Redress Scheme: Scott Morrison names and shames groups refusing to sign up. October 22, 2020.

PEDOPHILIA: lawsuit against the Watchtower in Canada. Contacts :

Canada :;

Quebec :



-USA: Three new lawsuits against Watchtower filed under NY Child Victims Act (CVA). November 1, 2020.
-Canada: News about the lawsuit in Quebec(Canada) against the Watchtower for child sexual abuse coverup: The plaintiffs have won, Watchtower lost its appeal. The 3 judges took the side of the victims. So the lawsuit can continue. The Watchtower lawyers will most likely appeal to the Supreme Court, but according to the victims’ lawyer, it is 98% sure the appeal will be refused. That would delay the lawsuit for a couple of months. December 11, 2020.
-Canada(Quebec): Pedophilia cover-up class lawsuit in Quebec: the Watchtower won’t appeal to the supreme court of Canada, the class action lawsuit can proceed. January 26, 2021.
-USA: The Montana Supreme Court has ruled against Jehovah's Witnesses in a 4/3 split decision. The Jehovah's Witnesses had appealed to Montana's highest court as a result of the filing of an amended complaint by Lexi Nunez, who argued that her Common law negligence claims had never been properly adjudicated by the District Court. January 27, 2021.
-Australia: Labor wants levy on redress scheme dodgers. February 3, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses to join redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors. March 3, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses to join redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors. March 3, 2021.
-UK: Vicarious Liability: Court of Appeal dismisses appeal from religious organisation following sexual assault. March 18, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses resolve legal stoush. April 18, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses facing tax turmoil. April 18, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses resolve legal stoush. April 18, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses facing tax turmoil. April 18, 2021.
-Netherlands: victims of abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses fear ‘witch hunt’. April 26, 2021.
-USA: Child Abuse Records Reveal Extensive Data Collection by Jehovah’s Witnesses. April 30, 2021.
-USA: Watchtower Defies Court Order; Montana Judge Fines and Sanctions Jehovah’s Witnesses. July 28, 2021.
UK: Jehovah's Witnesses 'failed to act' over sex abuse claims. September 1, 2021.
-Australia: Jehovah's Witnesses among 34 additional organisations to formally sign up to national sexual abuse redress scheme. September 9, 2021.
-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witness HQ in Emmen, in the Netherlands, lost their appeal. The board of the Jehovah's Witnesses tried through the Open Government Act (Wob) to retrieve all data from the investigation into abuse within the community. September 13, 2021.